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How to Change A Car Battery Without Losing Power

Prepare and You Won't Need That Radio Code

replacing a car batteryHave you ever changed the battery in your car and then realised that you have no idea where the radio access code is?  The radio in most modern cars has an anti theft feature that locks access if it is disconnected from the power source.  Not a problem if you remember where the code is recorded (well, a little problem because you still have to work out how to enter the code on your paerticular radio!).  If you don't remember where the code is stored you may end up having to pull the radio out, get the serial number, get the vin number of the vehicle and then contact the manufacturer.  Not fun.  But there is a way to disconnect the old battery and not lose power.

You will need a booster jump pack which is available from Reliable Batteries.

A booster jump pack is basically a more powerful version of that emergency external battery you bought for your phone but always forget to charge.  OK maybe thats just me but you know the battery packs I'm referring to.  There are units designed for cars which can even be used to jump start the vehicle.

Find a stable location in the engine bay where you can position the booster pack securely and where the leads can easily reach the battery terminals. Now clamp the crocodile clips of the booster pack over the leads that connect to the battery.  Make sure the booster pack is turned on.  Now you can disconnect the battery cables from the battery, being careful not to dislodge the crocodile clips.

Remove the old battery and replace it with the new battery.  Connect the battery cables and then remove the crocodile clips.

Using this process doesn't just protect the settings in your radio.  It also protects the engine management electronics from potential damage from an arcing cable.  All in all a Booster Jump Pack is a good investment to protect your car and your nerves.

What to watch for:

  1. Before you start make sure the Booster Jump Pack is charged
  2. Make sure the crocodile clips have a good connection to the metal part of the battery cable
  3. Make sure the crocodile clips are attached to the right cables




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